If you’re here, you definitely thought about this before too. It’s not really a dumb question. (Like, seriously… ) Surprisingly, this question has resonated with riders around the globe, and I thought this would be a very interesting topic to discuss. Do you wear yours under or over?

I’ve seen and asked a couple of my riding buddies about this. They all have their own preferences. 50/50, most importantly wear it however it is easier for you to do it.

So, gloves tucked in or over jacket?

I live in a place that has crappy wet weather. I wear it most of the time, as my leather gloves are usually too tight to fit anything under my sleeves and it almost always un-tucked itself out of it. Wearing it outside the sleeve does help prevent cold air from going up my sleeves, and it keeps away insects from going up too! 

However, when it rains I always have these raindrops from my sleeves sliding into the gloves when stopped at the traffic. And it’s a bit annoying that I have to angle my arm a little so that the raindrops won’t drip in.

Let’s dive in deeper, there are different types of motorcycle gloves. 

Just like anything else these days, glove manufacturers have very specialised options for every kind of riding styles and environment conditions. First of all, no gloves. (Gotcha!) But I’m not kidding. Some riders do not wear ‘em gloves! But seriously, wear gloves for protection riders! Big no-no to fingerless gloves too. Alright let’s get serious.

Why did I tuck mine out?

Now I do not mean that you should, but this is really based on your own preference, and also it depends on the riding condition. 

Rainy days…

Waterproof gloves don’t actually work as you think… Yes, it could offer more protection from the watery splashes. However the raindrops can still find their way around the end of the gauntlet and slip into your sleeve. To maximise your comfort riding in the rain, get a pair of over-gloves which are meant to work with your gloves underneath with it tightened at the ends. Works like a charm! 

If you’re riding in hot weather, tuck your gloves inside the jacket for some ventilation for your arm. 

Protect from bugs like bees from going in/debris

I believe, if you’re a daily rider, you might have found insects or any sorts of debris inside your sleeve. Over the sleeves is best for water, bugs and wind creeping in.

Feels more natural. Jacket sleeves will naturally go over gloves

If you want to feel more at ease, just let it go where it wants. If your gloves want to go under, just let it be. In this way, you get more relaxed without riding with a stressed/tight wrist. When your gloves are over the jacket, it will keep pushing the gloves off. This does not feel good, and may cause distraction while riding.

This is what I normally follow, raining and cold, gloves over. Sunny and warm, gloves under.

What are the different types of motorcycle gloves?

1 Moto-cross / Off-road Gloves

This is my favorite one. Some might think that it looks too “flexy”. It’s really alright to wear them on the street. It gives the best protection at almost every part of your hand. It also works really well on the summer rides, especially if you get them with perforated leather.

2 Street Gloves

They are usually made of leather, but there are really some nice ones made of different textile materials. But where there is the word “street” in any fashion wear, you know there’ll be pretty varied in this category. When you do not know what kind of gloves it is, it could be street gloves.

3 Summer Gloves / Winter Gloves

Obviously, summer gloves keep your hands well ventilated from sweaty hands, and winter gloves give extra warmth to your hand. Summer gloves are usually lightweight and vents. Of course, winter gloves are normally thicker and made of leather. 

What about the Spring/Fall season?  Well, the milder seasons aren’t ignored. The gloves manufacturers really do have specialised equipment for every condition. Some people wear them all-season, as they aren’t too heavy, and have good ventilation and have good protective features.

4 Race Gloves

They’re really expensive. Made of high-end materials with advanced protection features. Definitely very durable, as it has a lot of armor added in that is made of kevlar. It’s just aren’t all about safety, it is also very comfortable and keeps your hands and fingers flexible for controls.

There are definitely more kinds of gloves out there, but above are the notable ones that you can find out there.

WJ. Chai

WJ. Chai

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