Motorcycle Gloves Inside or Outside Jacket?

If you’re here, you definitely thought about this before too. It’s not really a dumb question. (Like, seriously… ) Surprisingly, this question has resonated with riders around the globe, and I thought this would be…
WJ. Chai
June 1, 2021

How long do motorcycle boots last?

A good pair of motorcycle boots are definitely an essential gear that offers comfort and great protection against mishap (when your feet contact the ground). I have just got another pair of motorcycle boots months…
WJ. Chai
April 13, 2021

Do heated motorcycle grips work?

Winter riding presents the motorcyclist with many challenges. It’s not my first winter, but I’m really annoyed with cold hands. With all the winter gears on, it does the job keeping myself perfectly warm, however…
WJ. Chai
February 8, 2021

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