Since I started riding, I’ve been wearing regular sneakers for about a few months. I never wore them again while riding because they’re really dangerous. (Like seriously…) That time, I started browsing motorcycle boots in my online shopping app on my phone. Well, well… they were pretty expensive! I believe while a good motorcycle helmet focuses on protecting you (your head), boots should do the same too.

So in a few days, I got my first pair of motorcycle boots. Boy, oh boy! Never felt better. The biggest difference you will feel is the extra padding/pad in the toe designed to protect your toes. Motorcycle boots have thicker and heavier than standard boots. They are designed with robust layers to cushion your legs from impacts during a crash.

What does a motorcycle boot offer that a regular boot won’t?

The most important differences, motorcycle boots have lateral crush protection. If you hold it in your hand you shouldn’t be able to bend the sole heel to toe.

Ankle Cup

Most motorcycle boots come with a plastic cup to help protect the ankle bone during a slide. Which you won’t find in normal boots, even on the protective working boots. 

Stiffness and Sole Grip

The boots are very hard to bend and have excellent gripping capabilities than the normal boots. The inflexible sole is designed to help with the responsiveness of the controls. but also support in an accident. The main objective of the hard sole is to prevent your feet from being mangled in a crash. 


Motorcycle boots are more flexible than the regular boots. Allowing your foot to move forward and backwards while changing gears. Motorcycle boots manufacturers did a very thoughtful touch by making flexing panels at both the rear and fronts to allow better maneuvering without stretching.

Steel Toes

The upper toe of the motorcycle boot is usually made with hard material. Steel toes do make shifting painless and gives a reliable shift every time. 

Work boots are better than sneakers but you really want to be wearing riding boots if you crash. Although some work boots do have some similarities, it should not be used as riding boots because they do not possess additional protection features that are integrated into motorcycle boots. 

Water Resistance and Ventilation

This surprised me the most. Motorcycle riding boots are more waterproof than other claimed “water-resistance” boots from the big brands. Most riding boots have their own inbuilt ventilation mechanisms (which normal boots are not as advanced) that keep your feet from sweating too much. 

Motorcycle Riding “Shoe”

This may look like your everyday shoe but there’s more than meets the eye.

Casual riding shoes for motorcyclists have grown increasingly popular over the past few years. Sometimes you need motorcycle footwear that is more shoe than boot. We got you covered. There are actually riding shoes that look like a sneaker!

One of its best advantages is its “walkability”. It also gives a lot of convenience. You never need to carry an extra pair of shoes when commuting. Of course, with its walking comfort, you will need to sacrifice a fair amount of protection. It won’t be as protective as motorcycle boots, with which protect torsional and lateral support. However, riding shoes does have basic protections. Ankle cups,  sides protections, reinforced toe, heel, and sole. 

Final thoughts

Despite the convenience and comfort of casual sneakers, I believe there is no replacement for the protection that motorcycle boots or riding shoes provide. Once you get a nice pair you will see/feel the difference while riding and probably not want to ride without them.

WJ. Chai

WJ. Chai

Passionate rider who loves to discover new places. Since the pandemic, I can't go to places and I started to blog and share information that I learned. I'm not easily distracted, I just... OMG, do I hear a bike?

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