For the longest time, I always assumed that everybody knows which tire should wear out faster on a motorcycle – the rear or the front? 

But this question keeps coming up in different forums – some riders are genuinely curious while others assume that the rear should wear out faster but the opposite happens to them. So here I am, to the rescue with an article.

When things are right, the rear tires on a motorcycle should always wear out faster – because the rear wheel is the actual wheel that moves when you accelerate.

The rear wheel is the power wheel where forces are applied to move your motorcycle forward.

But aren’t you supposed to brake using the front brakes? Shouldn’t the front tire wear out faster then? Good question! I also had the same question.  

But also ask yourself this – how often do you accelerate as compared to braking? Obviously you accelerate more, that’s why more forces are applied to the rear tires and more often – causing them to wear out faster.

Why Does My Motorcycle Front Tire Wear Out Faster?

I said rear tires wear out faster ‘when things are right’ and I meant that. Rear tires should wear out faster but there are many reasons that can impact tire wear. 

Here’s 5 reasons why your front tire is wearing out faster than the rear:

  1. Incorrect tire pressure. Tire pressures can change the amount of contact your tires have on the ground. Not only can your front tires wear out faster, they can also wear out irregularly.  Make sure your tires are filled correctly. 
  2. Incorrect tire alignment. Same as tire pressure, tire alignments can change the amount of contact your tires have on the ground. Make sure your alignment is always right. Otherwise, you could damage your suspensions as well. 
  3. Loose suspension parts. Loose suspension part means your tires will go out of alignment no matter how well adjusted it was before. This is quite common and the only fix is to tighten some bolts. Worth checking – anything loose on the front suspension? This often happens when you did not install aftermarket suspensions properly. 
  4. Weight difference. The front tires can wear out faster if you put more weight on it. Do you happen to have any luggage on the front of your motorcycle? Once or twice is fine. Prolonged weight difference can cause your front tires to wear out faster.
  5. Driving styles / conditions. If you happen to break or take corners very often, then your front tires can wear out faster. And this would be normal. Think of your daily driving activities – is it mostly straight? Do you have a habit of hard braking?

Now that you know all of the bad practices that cause tire wear, it’s time to understand the bad practices. 

And really, it’s simple – just do the opposite of the bad practices above. Let’s look at them in the next section.

Ways To Preserve Motorcycle Tires 

Motorcycle tires are expensive as hell but if well taken care of, they can last for quite some time. So here are 4 things you could do preserve your motorcycle tires:

Motorcycle tires are expensive as hell but if well taken care of, they can last for quite some time. So here are 4 things you could do preserve your motorcycle tires: 

  1. Regularly check for tire pressures. Every time you go for gas, check the tire pressure. Make sure the pressures are correct – about 28 – 40 psi. This information should be labeled on your motorcycle. Incorrect tire pressure can cause uneven and irregular wear. 
  2. Ensure correct alignment.  Check for the alignment every time you have an oil change. You don’t have to pay for mechanics to realign – just have them check it first. Incorrect alignment can also cause uneven and irregular tire wear – causing you to replace them sooner than required!
  3. Retighten loose screws on suspensions. If you just finished installing aftermarket parts, ensure the screws are tight – especially on the suspensions. Loose screws can easily put your motorcycle out of alignment – which results in, you know it, uneven tire wear.
  4. Avoid sudden brakes. When braking, you should gradually pull the brake handle. Suddenly braking can put a great strain on the tires. Avoid this, whenever you can – your motorcycle should come to a gradual halt.

Should You Replace Both Motorcycle Tires At The Same Time?

You are not required to change both motorcycle tires at the same time and you shouldn’t do that – it would be a waste of money!

Usually, riders change one motorcycle at a time. Pro tip: If your front motorcycle tire is worn out, you could switch it with the rear tire and install a new tire on the rear instead.

Remember, when things are right, the rear tire should be the one that wears out first. It’s the power wheel – the wheel that’s being driven when you accelerate. Which is why if you are getting a new tire, it should be installed on the rear.

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